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  1. Sis it'd be nice if you answered your PMs <3 

  2. Make sure y'all check 16:22 before you bring a certain someone into this
  3. You need to act your age and not your girl's age
  4. I wouldn't have chosen that for #1 but I guess it's well deserved
  5. I would go visit you and your minions in SYG if I wanted that
  6. ABBA stanbadge on page one https://churchofpop.net/awards/category/1-stanbadges/ @aahfeekiee @ACT2
  7. If we're talking "sales", Super Bass has outsold Bodak Yellow by MILES (It's like 5M vs. 1M in the U.S.) and not only that but it was a WW hit, while BY reached the top ten in only two countries. Anyway, thank you for bringing this debate about sales into a thread about songwriting. It says a lot about who you're trying to defend
  8. Mackenyu stanbadge on page 4 https://churchofpop.net/awards/category/1-stanbadges/?page=4 @Elusive Loverboy @MSL
  9. I liked the Khalid feature so I'll give this a try