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  1. Welp. It's 10pm. I guess today can't get any worse.

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    2. Ray of Light

      Ray of Light

      omg mess :coma3: take a hot shower and eat some pizza sweetie they'll help ya :hug: 

    3. Nicki Minaj

      Nicki Minaj

      I'll be fine :coma3: It just means five days without my laptop :coma3: I'm gonna plummet on the charts :coma3: but I have three big tests to study for so maybe it's for the better :coma3:

    4. Ray of Light

      Ray of Light

      five days? :coma3: you'll fall faster than mooriah on da charts :coma3: i feel sorry for ya :coma3: I hope you'll do the best on your tests sweetie <3