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  1. Another reminder that this is the cut off time for the next chart update
  2. CupcakKe On The Real Jeannie: Welcome back to the show! We've had you here before and we've loved having you every single time! Now, you just performed at the first annual Twitter Music Awards and you really had people talking with your performance! Let's just take a look for the people that missed the show.. *applause* Jeannie: A. MA. ZING! What made you want to make love to your plaque on stage? CupcakKe: *laughs* Well, the song is really braggadocios and I wanted the performance to match that style and I thought, hey, my haters think I'm only known for deepthroating things so why don't I have sex with my platinum plaque to show THEM? *laughs* I really don't know how the idea came to me. It just did and we ended up using it for the final performance. Adrienne: And that's a real platinum plaque, right? CupcakKe: It is. Mouthful's officially certified platinum by the RIAA. Adrienne: Wow. It's so amazing you've been getting so much success and you're about to get even more with this new single. It's already in the top fourty of iTunes! Why did you choose this single over the rest of your album? CupcakKe: I really wanted CPR to become a single because that seemed to be a fan favourite and I thought that song really needed a video but we agreed that the lyrics were a little too explicit for radio consumption so we chose 33rd instead. I think it's very upbeat, poppy and radio friendly but I'm still spitting on the track and it's undeniably a CupcakKe song. I'm not trying to be Katy Perry or any of those pop girls, it's just me with a pop sound. Adrienne: So, you just showed a preview of your video on TRL. First of all, why'd they get it before us? CupcakKe: Well, it made perfect sense to give TRL, a show that was all about music videos, the music video preview. Adrienne: Alright, alright but, in the video, we see you preparing for the Now or Never Tour, which, first of all, is completely sold out. *crowd applauds* CupcakKe: Yes, SZA, Cassie and I went all around the country and you guys probably didn't even see it because all the shows were sold out before the tour even began. It was mind blowing! Adrienne: Three fantastic and talented women of colour literally taking over the world! CupcakKe: Yes! *crowd applauds* Adrienne: Anyway, the video comes out on Friday. Is there anything else you can tell us about it before it comes out? CupcakKe: I will say that the video includes some footage of the Now or Never Tour. Originally, 33rd wasn't on my setlist for the show but we added it in to the last few shows so that we could record some footage from the video. Some of my fans were confused about why that was added so .. there's their answer! Adrienne: So, that's how it ends? With you on stage? CupcakKe: I'm not gon give too much of it away but y'all can use your imaginations until Friday. Adrienne: Got it, got it. Loni: So, here's something very serious we've gotta ask you. A week ago, Miranda Sings went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with her diss track against Fergie called Milk (No Good) and it made her the female rapper with the most solo #1 songs. You had some not so positive things to say about the matter on Twitter and we talked about it on the show but we wanna ask you about this directly. What are your overall thoughts on this? CupcakKe: Look, I'd worked with Miranda before on a song called Sausages and it was actually my first big release under a major label. Unfortunately, she suddenly started having some sort of issue with me. She would call me a porn star and put me down for being sexual in my music so, safe to say, we aren't friends but I always wished her the best and I let bygones be bygones. My issue with her breaking this record is not about me and it's not about her. I just think it's a shame that this YouTube girl that's simply hopping onto hip hop and black culture for the sake of fame, money and attention is breaking female rap records over actual female rap legends like Lil Kim, Missy Elliott, Nicki Minaj, Lauryn Hill, all these amazing black women that really opened doors for female rappers like me and even artists like her to succeed in the first place. Those are just my thoughts on the matter. *crowd applauds* Jeannie: Do you think she'll be making a diss song against you? CupcakKe: Probably with the way this is all going but I'll go hard back to her if that's how she wants to play! Jeannie: Oooh. I sense a rap beef incoming! Tamera: So, you're obviously doing really well right now. You've got the platinum albums, platinum singles and a new one on the way. I just wanna know what's next for CupcakKe? CupcakKe: The Mouthful era will eventually come to an end and, once the Now or Never Tour is over, my management and I haven't planned a solo tour so I guess, once the era is over and the tour is done, it's back to the studio. Jeannie: Where do you think you'll be heading artistically with this next album? CupcakKe: I definitely want to be a lot more focused on my punchlines and my raps on this album. I did a lot of pop experimentation on Mouthful so I wanna go back to my roots this time around and really spit on this album. Loni: Well, congratulations on all your success! Everyone at home, make sure you pick up CupcakKe's new single 33rd wherever you get your music and go cop the whole album, Mouthful, while you're at it. Let's get it to double platinum, y'all. We'll be right back with more girl chat after the break.
  3. You Already Know: Bubbling under bubbling under; Zero certifications Side To Side: #4 on the Billboard Hot 100; 4x Platinum in the U.S. Ariallah won
  4. They aren't tweeting about how Demi is a whale so that seems unlikely.
  5. They have a bunch of actual news and then there's this.. Omg look at Zayn's new selfie, everybody!!! Z2 is CUMMING!!!
  6. 3 down @ᴋᴏʀᴅᴇɪ @The Face Of @Kordeinator @💖 LANDlover @Dirkje
  7. Everybody's patiently waiting for her solo album
  8. I'm on mobile right now but I will make sure I add it once I get home
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