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    Title: Touch Pass Artist: Tinashe Genre: R&B Length: 4:06 Release Date: December 15, 2017 Writers: Tinashe Kachingwe, Rosina Russell, Joel Compass Producer: Joel Compass (C) 2017 Pink Friday Entertainment, a division of the Universal Music Group Tinashe has released the lead single from both her forthcoming third studio album and the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack, titled Touch Pass. Touch Pass is an R&B song which, lyrically, explores Tinashe giving consent for a man to perform sexual acts on her. The single is Tinashe's second experience with the Fifty Shades franchise as her song Company was featured on the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack. The song is currently available on all streaming platforms and fans can expect performances of the track this weekend on The Tonight Show and in Las Vegas at the Billboard Music Awards. Song
  2. Can y'all actually see my pic?
  3. Charli XCX | Pop 2

    No beats by Dre but beats by your father
  4. Charli XCX | Pop 2

    Ok so Lucky sounds like a great song ... but those vocals ..... girl
  5. Pia Mia | The Gift 2 | December 15, 2017

    Finally some new music?
  6. How do you like your meat?

    Exactly. As a kid, I thought any red in meat was the animal's blood.
  7. Top 10 Songs of 2017 according to Hammer

    I've heard Sia write the same song about eight times.
  8. My grades for the year came out today and I'm scared to check


    1. kipperskipper


      Lets say my grades will all be the first letter of this site. Its no coincidence either :yikes:

    2. Nicki Minaj

      Nicki Minaj

      I know I fucked up in one subject but maybe the others are okay


  9. Everything you see that glitteeeeerrrssss :demiscream: Isn't always gold  :demiscream: Everything you think is perfeeecttt, ohhhh :demiscream: Isn't always soooo :demiscream: Many times, many times :demiscream: I wouldn't let my feelings show :demiscream: Everything you see that gliteeerrssss :demiscream: Isn't always gold :demiscream: You know I'm just human, huuummaaann :demiscream: Human after all :demiscream:

  10. Is SG4 actually ever coming?

    We love a Nicki stan
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    All Good - Ciara
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    Take Me - Aly & AJ
  13. Miranda Sings Havana (Tana Mongeau parody)

    Legends supporting legends
  14. Pete's Top 40 Songs of 2017

    Of course the best track on Younger Now is here