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  1. You're bout as cute as an old coupon expired
  2. I don't know what's happening with Dangerous Woman (the member) but I'm on her side :demifat:

    1. Dangerous Woman

      Dangerous Woman

      You’re the best member for a reason :demifat:

  3. already posted and no, I wouldn't
  4. Omg I love this! Let's start with the queen of pop, rap, r&b, mariachi, salsa, and all music in general. CYRUS CHARTS Top 15 Mariah Carey Songs
  5. Cyrus

    Random Thoughts

    @Gratitude we should do some... you know what... soon
  6. You're gonna see me at #1 one day, coming for the biggest debut ever
  7. The King of COP has had it!
  8. 9/20 I'm too beautiful for this test