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  1. what's your top 5 on Caution? :nickiscream: 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cyrus


      omg the TASTE :nickising: pls tell me 8th grade is at least no. 6 :nickising:

    3. Treacherous Lovatic

      Treacherous Lovatic

      Yes it is. 

       A No No is erm. :taycringe:  not my cup of :mariahtea: I don't hate it though.

    4. Cyrus


      omg finally :rly: somebody had to say it! :rly:

      we still love her though :gaycat3:

  2. Cyrus

    Random Thoughts

    This is so dead omg I'm out
  3. Let's talk about how The Distance, 8th Grade and Giving Me Life are the top 3 tracks on Caution :trishashook:

    1. Oh My Gaga

      Oh My Gaga

      8th Grade is tea but imagine not thinking the title track is top 3? :gemma:

  4. It's so hard to pick a favorite omg but I would say my faves rn now are: Think About Us (hello 3rd single), Monster In Me (their best song omg), Wasabi, Forget You Not, Woman's World and Woman Like Me
  5. In the club, boy, I'll forget you not BADA BANG BANG

  6. said we couldn't go the distaaaaaaaance :nickiscream:

    look at us, we're going the distaaaaaaaance :nickiscream:

    1. Islamriah


      They just wanna be us

      They don't wanna see us

      Going the distance


  7. well, just as I thought... NEXT :nickiwat:

  8. that deluxe cover is AWFUL AAAAAAAAAAAH what r u doing ladies?????????
  9. Good for her but damn imagine not riding that dick anymore
  10. bitch what, Ariana what is you doin F2oPCED.gif