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  1. my rap girl snapped this era. 3 million WW, #1 US album and 3 #1 singles too
  2. idk even know what this means lol this username is a leftover from my Lana fan days
  3. Influence - Tove Lo - 18 plays Bounce - Charli XCX - 18 plays
  4. 85/100 If it wasn't for the narrative, and the cohesiveness of it all, this album would be a lot worse. But because even tracks that would usually be skipped are crucial to the story, Beyonce manages to pull together an album filled with weak songs into something brilliant.
  5. 90/100 Pop perfection. Everyday was the only real misstep here.
  6. 30/100 A weak, insipid attempt at pop. The unmemorable ballads blend into one, and nothing here stands out or has energy. Camila needed a solid debut album to launch her solo career, and this isn't it. EDIT: Changed the score to a 30/100
  7. I never noticed how bad this was. at least she doesn't look like a broken bratz doll here tho. the Queen deserved better album covers.
  8. 40/100 a good concept, but failed somewhere between the excessive autotune and bad collaborations. Best: Out Of My Head, I Got It, Unlock It Worst: Tears, Backseat, Lucky