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  1. is FM worth it? strongly considering buying it
  2. Wash And Set - Leikeli47
  3. Are you blind? There are court documents proving that he indeed did rape A 13 YEAR OLD
  4. Lipgloss slander? Not on my watch
  5. tbh its fun and I never play with real artists so... maybe try the games yourself and get back to us?
  6. @ONIKA do you know how to fix pDevelopment bug?
  7. 7 days in game . Just press the 'SIM week' button
  8. might start it tonight. Anyone who is missing that you want? MWE is awful, and if I had known it was as bad as a mess as it is I would have just bought MWR2 first
  9. tbh as an Azealia stan I barely bother to defend her anymore. if you don't like her opinions, ignore them. simple.
  10. If I was to make an updated 2018 MWR2 MOD who would use it?
  11. my rap girl snapped this era. 3 million WW, #1 US album and 3 #1 singles too