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  1. PUSS-C. wetta dan a seaquarium.

  2. Like... don't even ask. Just watch the masterpiece for yourself:
  3. what is dis hunny

  4. kinda sad how the time i decide to come back to COP it like... dies :dafuq:

    1. Sonii



  5. this is for my people who just lost somebody...
  6. woah luv... that video u sent is kind of a bop
  7. how convenient is that! wow how convenient is fucking that! (but fr wig!)
  8. hey guys just dropping by to say hello and to announce the fact that I am considering making my Triumphant (2012) return to COP this summer i bet y'all missed me SO much! 😍 anyways i remembered how fun COP was when i was active earlier this year and decided to cut my hiatus short and start being more active now that i don't have anything better to do since school is over (at least until august) I also saw CAL was back and running which is GREAT and I think I might make my return to that as well. Anyways, that's all for now! love you my little juanators 💋 (jk at the fandom name plsssss)
  9. hi juano here dahlings as you may have noticed, i have made an absence from COP for about a week or so and yeah... i apologize for that. it's been a pretty stressful week for me school is on the verge of driving me to insanity and some people near me weren't helping either. yes i know that i missed a week of COP revival im sorry for that too. after the hectic week i've had i honestly think i'm gonna take a break from making crownnote charts just until i regain my energy and motivation to start making them again. i know that @Burning Up has been kind enough to keep the flame going with COP Revival (Life Support Edition) and im grateful for that. I think i might actually give them the password to the crown cop 100 acc so they can fill in the weeks where i forget or am unable to make a chart which will probably most of the time but ANYWAYS i'm probably not gonna be as active on cop as i've been for the past 2 months, for a while. but you know i'll try, even if its a bare minimum effort, to come on this site. Sincerely, Juano
  10. thx for posting sus!
  11. @Elusive Loverboy @Blue Sunshine @mizmalik_ remember to update crown charts before i update the cop 40!

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    2. Juano


      okay, whatever works for u dahhhling!

    3. Elusive Loverboy

      Elusive Loverboy

      I'm going to do it when I get home. I'll message you when they're done. They should be done in the next like hour and a half or so...

    4. Sempiternal


      I updated mine late this week I hope it still goes through :)