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    Never Be The Same Tour (the only one I've been to LMAOOO)
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  1. oop thanks i just read about it on the promo thread and now i feel rated r ded knowing it was in a help thread all along
  2. i stayed home from school so it's been pretty good
  3. was bored and wanted to post sumn, so how was y'all's day? 🙈
  4. if i wanna book a paid promo show do i have to put my name on the slot i wanna claim on the spreadsheet?
  5. [at] least this song is a smash... :unbothered:

  6. Title: Boy (Church Of Pop Edit) Artist: Juano Genre: R&B, Hip Hop Label: Gyal Records Length: 3:14 Release Date: Friday, January 18th, 2019 Lyrics: Audio:
  7. if i post my new single on the main cal thread now when it's supposed to be released on Friday will it be released on that day or will it be released on the day i post it? cuz i wanna post it there but not release it yet jic i forget to/am not online to release it on friday LMAO