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  1. It does naturally change and it has done a lot throughout history but there is definitely some human influence based on all the trees we chopped down and greenhouse gases we emit Green energy ftw!
  2. Well if you’ve got the money 💰 then go for it
  3. I can’t remember the exact time but it was recently and due to mental distress
  4. That is so cringey, I remember why I stopped watching this show now These are the sorts of gay people I don't hang around with
  5. I think there is sufficient evidence to support its existence. It's a shame society isn't doing enough to try and help it though
  6. I've only heard Shakira., it had some bops on it like Empire and Dare (La La La)
  7. They call her a man and insinuate she is manly or trans or whatever
  8. She has a transphobic past and supported homophobic lyrics from Offset.
  9. Head Above Water - 15 Birdie - 24 I Fell in Love with the Devil - 18 Tell Me It's Over - 7 Dumb Blonde" (featuring Nicki Minaj) - 17 It Was in Me - 15  Souvenir - 16 Crush - 15  Goddess - 14 Bigger Wow - 15 Love Me Insane - 15 Warrior - 9