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  1. Because I was still replying to your previous post and that post wasn't there when I was writing my previous post
  2. Well here is a further photo of her actual size (or are you gonna claim this is editted to)
  3. Apparently, it is now a warnable offence to say that Mariah Carey is a photoshop phony, despite it being a fact in the industry that has been reported multiple times by many different news outlets. @King or Queen has also posted an extensive amount of receipts in the SYG thread. Below I have got multiple receipts that show that Mariah Carey DOES use photoshop to change her photos and to remove her body fat from the images. Well, it is most likely that she gets some one in her team to do it for her. Here is a photoshoot she did for Paper Magazine in 2017 Here are some actual photos of her on stage at around the same time ]] In this photo, we can even see where it has been photoshopped badly leaving curves on lines that should be straight This photo shows some of the changes she made Further magazine cover controversy Some lambs are woke enough to see through the nonsense yet others are still trying to deny it
  4. Omg, she is talented! I didn't know this
  5. I wouldn't shame some one for playing with slime, I'm not that judgemental... Slime is fun!
  6. Maybe the structure of the razor is different or it has to be different for female skin. Also, women have more options like creams, waxing etc so they don't need to buy razors
  7. I got warning points for saying she looked like a drag queen and saying she had masculine bone structure yet this is alllowed.... ?