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  1. Miss you tbh

  2. Happy birthday! :party:

  3. Good luck to you too, we can do this I’m starting my roast over again. I was serving a Farrah “Let’s Get this roast a cookin’ “ tea (but even if I have to lipsync to the crown (which I’m not even sure how I would do in a lipsync), I’m not giving up )
  4. I usually have some amount of anxiety during challenges but this is really taking its toll on me Even the runway isn’t helping calm my nerves I’m going to try and get everything in today
  5. Visiting here is amazing. Everyone is usually overly friendly and nice When you actually live here tho you see how awful of a country it is for anyone under 30
  6. I was obsessed with it But season 4 lost me. I didn’t really like many of the new characters. Then I never turned in after that. Also I remember feeling a bit weird the way they dealt with one of the character’s developing eating disorder and how it ended abruptly iirc. I want to binge watch the rest one day so I can get to the Finn/Corey memorial episode because apparently that is stunning. —— Glee’s best song is the Halo/Walking on Sunshine mashup Then it’s Bridge Over Troubled Water. Mercedes really snapped!
  7. Is all facts Get your rudemption on All Stars Also, I’m coming for the win, not ms. Congeniality. We love an underdog
  8. *incoming support post which you don’t really need because you’re a bad bitch(knee) * You should be proud of all the things you’ve presented sis I still live for the earthy look you gave in one of the earlier challenges Your Amanda snatch game was also really creative and out of the box too. You can feel like you let yourself down but that doesn’t mean you didn’t do extremely well
  9. The definition of a classic There has been days were I would just blast this song through my headphones all day on repeat
  10. This is a really awesome runway challenge. I need to start working on my roast now tho
  11. You would have You could still participate, if you wanted to let off some steam I feel like this is Asia @TattoosOnMyMind to win for some reason —— Congrats Bible @Oh My Gaga It’s weird, when I first started the game, Bitchknee @Ms. Knee was one of the front runners to me. You still did amazing and beat a lot of other queens. I just had 4 queen (iirc) who I predicted to be front runners and would just slay the whole thing based on MTQ’s only. She was one of the 4. Only one of them is left now.
  12. I feel the same, although I love NTLTC. Raindrops is a MOMENT
  13. Virgo, the Beyoncé sign I don’t agree with judgmental but I am very controlling of my own things, not of other people. Skepticism and critical is true too