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  1. Congrats @hammer A deserving winner
  2. I've arrived in my finale ball gown
  3. It's a cute song by a cute boy, what more can I ask for? Download the app! It gives you 20 free votes 39 votes for Cyrprus already with just our votes Winner.. winner.. chicken.. dinner!
  4. I'm rooting for Israel Just not as much as I'm rooting Elegend I'm gonna use 19 votes for Elegend and then 1 vote for Ireland My top 3: Cyrpus Ireland Israel Which is also the bookies odds too sksks
  5. Hopefully not during Eurovision cause girl...
  6. Cameron Dallas in the Boys video is everything I've ever wanted and needed
  7. Because they have nothing else to drag her for so they're grasping for straws
  8. Assfhjk idk why I’m screaming
  9. WAIT @ that site changing to “North Korea” asdghjkll
  10. It’s just as bad on Twitter and North Korea tho sis. You just have to ignore them (or drag their fave back )
  11. I’m shook at how much I like this album @Robbie Kay who is that in your avi?