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  1. Dinah Jane said the N word AGAIN, I'm so done with her. Unstan.

    1. TattoosOnMyMind


      Sis, did you not know she was a VERY vocal Trump supporter?:nickiawkward:

      Poor @hammer

    2. Diaboliq


      Her dad is a trump supporter.

    3. hammer


      Okay first of all. Y'all trust me when i say the girl and cousins are problematic as hell. I know what she said and i am honestly unstanning till the gal posts a apology. Her dad is a vocal supporter, but her mom isn't and she puts her dad in check every single time. Now she didn't vote on the other hand but was def influenced by her father a lot and he probably convinced her while they were on tour. 

      At the moment the girl is a mess. Im just thankful i have alternatives to stan (Mariah) even thought i enjoyed stanning vocalists in piece. DhVxuJDW4AEib3v.jpg:large