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  1. you're back already? thought you were dead! I hope I get back the deposit on the casket amen

  2. I'm so confused... I don't know what to believe...
  3. Also, he sent me photos with him that aren't on his instagram. Now Idk if he's lying about his appearance tbh. Y'all drag him for nothing. Delete the thread.
  4. Oh, it's pedo pete. I spoke to him for at least 2 weeks wtf..... I'm speechless. I knew something was wrong. Edit: No, I don't think he is pedo pete. He stole somebody's photos. He gave me "his" instagram tho. Also he didn't ask me to send him photos or something.
  5. I don't think he is pedo pete but he isn't THE PERSON in the photos.
  6. :beautyisatalent: Promote me hoe. :beautyisatalent:

  7. WE don't want it. She can keep it.
  8. Welcome back, King 365 is COMING.
  9. :beautyisatalent: