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  1. You're cool, you should come back to COP <3 

  2. they aren't her screenshots they are from fans on Instagram
  3. Snippet of new song "Someones Lady" that played tonight on Capital Xtra. Will be out on Friday as part of the E.mpowerment section.
  4. Tracklist 16 tracks including 2 interludes
  5. if she had it her way the album would have been out at the start of the year like it was meant to be.
  6. Yesterday Jessie J won singer. The Chinese show for established singers that she has been taking part in for the past 3 and a half months. She has consistently served us with amazing covers and showcased a side to her voice some have never heard. She is the first contestant to rank first 7 times in the shows history. She's also not ranked lower than 3rd apart from the week she couldn't perform due to her health problem but she came back the following week and managed to grab that first place. She was mocked for this but she's gained a massive Asian fanbase (they're mad about her) and has already announced that she will be touring China this year. She's got the recognition she deserves thanks to this show! Her final performances were bang bang for the duet with singer Coco Lee (winner of previous season) and Kz contestant who took part in this series but didn't make it far in the show. They slayed this bang bang duet so hard. Unsurprisingly Jess came number 1 with this performance and progressed into the final 4 where she performed Whitney Houston's I will always love you (a song she has always wanted to sing Whitney is her biggest influence) http://fx.weico.cc/share/21110735.html?weibo_id=4228462837168695 Finally a clip of her being crowned the winner of the series She has really shown her true self in this competition.
  7. Her label are rubbish. they've messed her around so much. She's getting impatient now. They can't use her last 3 songs not doing well as an excuse to delay the album, maybe if they had made some effort and actually promoted her music well she might have got the success with them she deserved. My poor fav deserves better.
  8. Big white room, stand up, nobody’s perfect, who you are, masterpiece, think about that, conquer the world and harder we fall