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  1. It still predates Britney though, which is my point... "Rob explains that Cathy sang the whole song on the demo, including harmony vocals, and some of her vocals were kept in for the Kylie version too. ‘The Kylie version is basically the demo, same key and everything. It wasn’t mixed and mastered but the parts were all there. I think I added a little bit of guitar and strings when we mixed it,’ he says." https://www.m-magazine.co.uk/creators/i-wrote-that-cant-get-you-out-of-my-head/
  2. My point is other singers/background singers singing choruses/other parts of songs predates Britney (see Kylie Mingoue) and continues after Britney (see Rihanna) Rihanna doesn't even sing the hook to one of her biggest songs ever, S&M:
  3. Again, Kylie Minogue doesn't sing many parts of her biggest song ever: Can't GEt You Out of My HEad, released when Britney came in the industry. Your Point?
  4. And Kylie Minogue doesn't sing many parts of her biggest song ever: Can't Get You Out of My Head, which was released when Britney just came in the music industry. Your point?
  5. There is little doubt that this is song is much better than anything Ariana has-or ever will-release: Britney also has authentic music... Britney simply got nothing left to prove. She is one of the best selling female artists ever, and one of the highest grossing female touring artists ever. Why? Her 'style' already achieved longevity.
  6. I'll just add, if she's ridiculed for her looks it's her/her team's own fault for not knowing when to quit when she should have. She never would have gotten surgery if she quitted after Circus. But if Britney wants to fade away into obscurity then that's what she should do.
  7. Of course she did. She did age during the Femme Fatale era but it was still mostly bad makeup. Here in 2013, she had work done but still clearly had her smile. She even looked very beautiful here in 2015: Don't know if lip injections can permanently change her smile, which has looked permanently changed since 2016. Her and her team murdered her natural beauty. Speaking of her prime, I think her peak was actually in 2009, after being a mother.
  8. Looking at google trends for 2004-2008 (it only goes back to 2004), Volume of online global search interest, 2004-2008 (bigger number = more interest) 3 - Jennifer Aniston 4- Christina Aguilera 4- Oprah 5 - Angelina Jolie 5 - Lindsay Lohan 5 - Michael Jackson 5 - The Beatles 5 - Beyonce 6 - 50-Cent 6 - George W Bush 6 - Madonna 7 - Eminem 10 - God 11- Paris Hilton 11 - Jesus 15 - Britney Spears And Britney was definitely the most searched person from 1999-2003. Although all of this is due to factors such as Image, personal relationships and you can throw in music too. Yeah part of the reason Britney is far less relevant in the 2010s besides too much plastic surgery (after 2013/Britney Jean album) is because she does not do red carpets etc...
  9. Is Rihanna Racist??? "After Barbadian pop singer Rihanna tweeted a photo of a pack of rice cakes adorned with an earring and sunglasses, many are asking the question: Was it a racist joke at the expense of Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown's half-Vietnamese girlfriend..." https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/67062971.html (Reaction to her racist past) New Chris Brown song + Rihanna being racist towards his GF "Evelyn Lozada made racist remarks about Chris Brown's ASIAN girlfriend and Rihanna who's not a stranger to being racist understood it and said she eats Karrueche for breakfast. " https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/68000398.html
  10. There are some problematic ones: Beyonce's husband: destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, due to his dope dealing.
  11. Don't forget Beyonce's husband ruined the lives of so hundreds of thousands of thousands, if not millions, due to his despicable dope-dealing.
  12. So? Beyonce's husband destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands, of not millions, due to his dope dealing days.
  13. Did you know Beyonce's husband was a drug dealer who helped to ruin thousands if not millions of lives in the 1980s?
  14. How do you feel/react when watching something like this??????????????