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  1. the 5h girls don't have the star quality or power to make it on their own all of cuntmila's solo songs have FLOPPED to hell and so will all the other girls' the only thing normani has over the other girls is that she's a POC and that's tea
  2. being pretty is my mistake :fentybeauty:

  3. ugh sum1 took japan i was coming for my redemption arc i'll take jamaica then
  4. you kno whats funny she probs has the most modern fans rn and yet still can't hit the charts but wbk the gays are all talk and no streams
  5. chowli is a FOOL if she doesnt drop this one
  6. i'm the queen of talkin sh*t then i'm backin it up :tiara2:

    1. IsThatKingdieSlaying


      bad bitches only :jan1: 

  7. the whole thing was so budget and a disgrace to the franchise noone even asked for it i like watching it tho for kiis
  8. i've got a body of my own :firstofall:

  9. all of lana's albums emotion true romance country taylor albums whew
  10. a certified BANGER been streaming it all day i'm obsessed this album already has me by the neck