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  1. i like everything im hearing so far its giving me lovey dovey/sexy love realness and i could cry
  2. as someone who heard the live perf and anticipated this a lot i have a few WORDS the beat bangs, yes ok the bass is there great ok but why is her singing so LIFELESS a graveyard would have more life than her singing here not only that the song sounds so...empty it had potential but it sounds so lazy ugh and its so repetitive and not in the good 5 In The Morning (available on itunes and spotify!) way nicki's verse was the highlight and they put it at the start....CHOICES PPL CHOICES so nicki's verse is at the start and the rest is her droning on about...wait what exactly is she droning on about again? I'M LETTING IT RIP BECUZ IM PISST I WANTED MY BANGER @Dark Salvation sis maybe you were right all along
  3. ohmygod i love ginger pepsi:icant:

  4. i already like the style of mv its gonna be a snatch the album sounds promising too
  5. yesssss!! @Olivia Pope congrats girl i loved that you actually went for a risky concept @IsThatSaraS & @hammer good luck! kill the lipsync and come back even stronger hell give me a run for my money rmbr being in the bottom doesn't mean that ure a bad queen and succ at DR so SERVE hmm that snatch game got me thinking mayb i AM cardi b from the bronx
  6. congrats night tara @Daydream you were one of my faves
  7. hmm i dont get my critique in SG i got into the least amount of shade or catfights and how you gon come for me for mentioning offset too much ITS WAT CARDI DOES i ugh
  8. this is cardi b we're talking about here its wat she does