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  1. Cara and Paris are relationship Goals
  2. Lauren have alot of new news that she gona relise in the next weeks. This is def gona be a good time to be a #Jaguar.
  3. Lauren will perform with Steve Aoki tonight in Miami, at Ultra.
  4. According to Variety, Lauren will have this team to manage her solo career.
  5. Because she is the only one that have a Solo album to release. Normani is talented and i'm waiting to see what she can bring. All of them will trend once they anounce a solo album, Harmonizers are awsome like that. There is no need to fight over who is better or not, they all have place in music, and i'm pretty sure they will achive it. I would like to see them connecting more with their fans, because honestly none of them can. Unlike Camila, none of them connects with their fanbase or even take a second to apretiate them.
  6. @Nicki Minaj Lauren Stanbadge now have 20 upvotes
  7. I only need one more upvote on Lauren Jauregui StanBadge, so if someone anyone can do it, plz help out!!

  8. I wasn't invited but i will still tag along
  9. BACK TO ME: https://open.spotify.com/track/6UiRbzRaS9LHZTHSfvn1jx?si=pxEAzWHrSIm5cuV8Wqqyxg … STRANGERS: https://open.spotify.com/track/5O41iZXCzaWOzT7weV9Gbc?si=8T_R1S1fR3KYoJoDTvFnmg … ALL NIGHT: https://open.spotify.com/track/5mAxA6Q1SIym6dPNiFLUyd?si=H0V7p5q1R4SN8kSHjdH8Cg … IN YOUR PHONE: https://open.spotify.com/track/5DrACadFfJMMQCCS02Px0a?si=i38GYW69R5S0dDeP_1x8GQ …
  10. Go upvote the lauren badge plz
  11. The future of Fifth Harmony: AllyBrooke is signed to Maverick Entertainment. dinahjane97 is yet to sign to a new label. LaurenJauregui will reportedly be signing to Columbia Records. NormaniKordei is signed to S10 & will release her album in late 2018.
  12. @Diaboliq @Tinder @Salvatore Guys plz give a help
  13. I only need more 3 upvotes on Lauren Stanbadge, so if someone can help out.