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  1. Sis we talk a lot about underrated artists like Mabel, Bea Miller a lot recently and more!
  2. She has the whole package and especially talent and I'm guessing its because her music doesnt appeal to the mainstream audience - just like the rest of our underrated legends.
  3. Adam Lambert is kinda underrated but Sia is no way near underrated. She is really successful...
  4. There are tonnes of underrated artists out there that deserve more appreciated so we thought it'd be a great idea to make this thread to introduce to people new and upcoming or old underrated artists that deserve to be discovered. A lot of underrated artists I have discovered because of Stan Twitter and also by reading forum posts so get out here and start promoting your underrated faves so we can all have a listen to their amazing music! LET'S DISCOVER SOME NEW ARTISTS! Ä N G I E J A I R A B U R N S H E Y V I O L E T B E A M I L L E R O L I V I A O ' B R I E N
  5. The sales aren't even updated lmao. That's just the sales from 2 months ago
  6. Hey guys. We added all the calculations manually and it's SPS. ALL SALES ARE IN THE US ONLY. We also were strict and we didn't add up the individual sales or streams of song tracks off an album - we didn't add up sales for The Life, Sin Contrato, Angel etc. and also the sales are old and haven't being updates which obviously means that they have sold more and more: BETTER TOGETHER (EP) (2013) Sales Estimate: 120,000 MISS MOVIN' ON (2013) Sales Estimate (w/ Streams): 600,000 REFLECTION (2015) Sales Estimate (w/ SEA & TEA) : 1,000,000 BO$$ (2014) Sales (w/ Streams): 2,000,000 SLEDGEHAMMER (2014) Sales (w/ Streams): 1,500,000 WORTH IT (2014) Sales (w/ Streams): 4,500,000 7/27 (2016) Sales (w/ SEA & TEA): 1,000,000 Work From Home (2016) Sales (w/ Streams): 5,100,000 All In My Head (2016) Sales (w/ Streams): 1,200,000 That's My Girl (2016) Sales (w/ Streams): 500,000 Fifth Harmony (2017) Sales (w/ SEA & TEA): 65,000 Down (2017) Sales (w/ Streams): 520,000 He Like That (2017) Sales (w/ Streams): 150,000 Me & My Girls (2013) Sales (w/ SEA & TEA): 150,000 I'm In Love With a Monster (2015) Sales (w/ Streams): 20,000 Por Favor (2017) Sales (w/ Streams): 20,000
  7. Hey ?? is the competition to win the albums still going on?? 

    1. Music News & Facts

      Music News & Facts

      Yes of course lol. Ends 27 Feb! Good luck1

    2. Rainbow 💫