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  1. >.> <.<

  2. bitch omg i thot u died or smthn :trisha13: i feel like tiffany when she thought david died ohmogd

  3. it's almost 4 AM, goodnight hehe

    1. badgallaura


      Goodnight hehe.

  4. Omg Name change to Golden Sunshine sis, you've evolved
  5. I'm sure Indie is LOVING all this activity, perching on Alexa for that next jump
  6. NO ONE cares enough about you or this site to do all that, ur paranoid sis
  7. I love how that new member is just spamming that thread for the Starboy LP while all this is going down dd
  8. Love the new addition to my sig
  9. You're the cause of the drama, the only way this site can succeed is if u go inactive and that's that on that
  10. I'll stay for however long COP is up, which at this rate won't be long
  11. Can't wait for the Tragic Q&A