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  1. As she's not releasing She Loves Control as a single for the summer, I see it flopping harder than G.U.Y.
  2. WAIT!! So apparently, Nicki won't be able to sell as much as Xtina!!??!! I'm shook
  3. . Actually it's still inside the Top 10.
  4. If it's real it will probably be ASIB soundtrack single announcement with single cover & release date, and maybe trailer 2.
  5. Actually she should really consider dropping her first name instead. That would be way more iconic given the fact that some Russian pop stars do it and sound way more unique & iconic. (e.g. Loboda > Svetlana Loboda)
  6. No, there's probably a ton of local artists with this name, it just sounds basic and she is more recognizable and unique with her last name.
  7. Wow, if this is true I would love to see a BTW-like schedule, lead in Feb, second single in May, album late May/early June would be great.
  8. I still don't believe she'll release an album this year. I still believe she'll release a single from the ASIB soundtrack early September and they'll promote the movie till December, so late January/early February looks more realistic for the LG6 era's start.
  9. I won't cuz I'm a person with taste & I don't listen to these irrelevant has-been''s who said nothing to support Kesha.
  10. Nah, Iggy's selling 600-700k in pure sales and is goiing to outchart 'em all.
  11. Rape is not something to joke about.
  12. I'm pretty sure she got her expectations higher after Revival, so she keeps scraping song after song when they fail to crack top 10. But it completely killed the hype so she better releases the f'ing lead asap.
  13. Doesn't she have that only one song which was named 112