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  1. She better promote or at least spend some money on TTH, radio.
  2. His death made me really sad and after hearing this I got so sad again. He had so much more to do, so many years to live. It's even worse thinking he got more depressed when he was sick & his team wanted him to do more shows. This reminds me of Gaga's comments about her old team in which she was talking about feeling like a money-making machine and thinking of quitting music. It's so sad that Tim couldn't save himself ended his life...
  3. I'm really surprised Britney is that high on my list.
  4. Winners: Lady Gaga Demi Lovato (finally) Taylor Swift P!nk Dua Lipa Ed Sheeran Justin Bieber Adele Kesha Bruno Mars Kendrick Lamar Imagine Dragons Alessia Cara Lana Del Rey Losers: Katy Perry Fergie Nelly Furtado Nicki Minaj Miley Cyrus Iggy Azalea Mariah Carey Fifth Harmony Sia Jessie J Shania Twain Nick Jonas Maroon 5 Eminem
  5. Ride Video Games Love High by the Beach West Coast They're actually really close btw
  6. I say this since August/September & will continue to say it again, she has waited way too long and her era is dead, she has 0 hype. She's been on a post-Do What U Want era since Swish Swish music video, and beacuse of that anything she releases at this point will face a G.U.Y. success.
  7. It's charting on iTunes UK & Italy. Global Queen
  8. RIDE IS OUT Loreen's long awaited second studio album "Ride" is now availible everywhere. BUY STREAM
  9. I doubt next week but the following week given the increase on the radio, it will probably will.
  10. It's more like a cover album, that was the dissapointment for me. Why there are only a few new songs, I hope they release an actual studio album in a few years & not go on a 6-year-hiatus again.
  11. Reputation is shaking, Taylor's first #2 album on BB200 next week.
  12. ITS OFFICIALLY OUT! EVANESCENCE IS FINALLY BACK WITH A NEW ALBUM AFTER 6 YEARS! DOWNLOAD IT HERE: https://itunes.apple.com/nz/album/synthesis/id1281854756 STREAM:
  13. Apparently Beyoncé will finally have another #1 i guess.