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  1. I don't know what happened because I certainly don't care tbh but there are always 2 actions involved, nobody is gonna drag someone on a Pop Forum for no reason So..maybe some deserved that behaviour to a certain degree. That's my piece on this thread
  2. I'm back again with Internet connection :aribyebitch:

  3. iTunes Update: UK: #36 (+3) Brazil: #32 (-9) Spain: #45 (-6) Ireland: #37 (+16) New Zealand: #91 (-1) Poland: #41 (-5) YouTube Views: 54.000+ (+10.000)
  4. iTunes Update: UK: #39 (+11) Brazil: #23 (-2) Spain: #39 (+46) Ireland: #53 (NEW) New Zealand: #90 (NEW) Poland: #36 (NEW) YouTube: 44.000+ (+18.000)
  5. Swagger Jagger was NOT Pop perfection...I-
  6. I mean it's in no means the song of the year but it definitly is lowkey catchy, the beat is stuck in my head. She did that with the Chorus! Eitherway, I think it's a great song to re-introduce her to the GP. Currently #50 on iTunes UK!
  7. Cher Lloyd currently on repeat :praisejesus2:

  8. Cher Lloyd released her first official single in YEARS under Polydor - Universal Music. What do we think, Girls? I kinda stan. It knocks, especially after a few listens. The production >>>! Currently #100 on iTunes UK with dark green updates
  9. Don't worry and be better, sis! Get the proper Treatment, and you will be better! We need to treat ourselves better, especially our mental health. I'm in a similar boat as you, so I understand where you come from. As I said, get better sis! Get the treatment your body and mind deserves.
  10. I will come for their necks and my fellow tribal fats once i'm back