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  1. I'm literally addicted to it. It is such a masterpiece. Mariah really delivered.
  2. Hi everyone, I've already made an introduction for myself some time ago but now I'm back here! I do stan sooo many people and we can talk about anyone! I also make my own music, you can check "antolex" on Spotify if you want to. By the way, I'm making a new project for this summer and if anyone wants to collaborate with me, just tell me and we can find a song that can fit us but I won't be able to give money, because I don't get money making music, it is like a hobby for me. I hope I'll keep this time and never going from here!
  3. Savior is such a bop. It deserves better. I will never understand why Iggy has haters... Iggy deserves always better than she has. With surviving the summer I hope she gets the recognition she deserves.
  4. oh hi hahaha now you aren't alone. Iggy is a queen and she deserves better than she has. I hope in this era she gets more recognition, it's what she deserves.
  5. me too! anyway, I hope she doesn't release more leaked music... I hope that in surviving the summer we have more bops like this. Iggy Azalegend is back. This era is going to be lit.
  6. In my opinion, the best Camila's feature is on Bad Things, MGK & Camila's voice fit very well...
  7. OMG I can't wait for AG4 to be released, I'm so sure it is going to be a bop and we will be bald.
  8. We have to try to get it at least to top 10 on iTunes / Spotify. Iggy deserves better.
  9. I hope you'all saved your coins to buy this bop and you will have enough money to buy a new wig. Iggy Azalegend didn't come to play!
  10. In my opinion, the other singer that was on the demo which was leaked was better than Quavo, but I don't know why she replaced him... Anyway it's okay, and I'm so happy that she is finally releasing new music