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  1. Pennywise


    So iconic that took8 years to upload it in her channel.
  2. If we talk about just a hook up and ex, yes. But I'll keep it secret.
  3. Where? In I Don't.mp3? That was 1 year ago. I said my opinion cause I agree with him a bit... and I can't create BG threads, idk why.
  4. He's 85% right. Notching new, nothing groundbreaking. The song starts and ends with the exactly same way. Nothing happers during the 3:27 minutes, the same repeated beat, the same repeated vocals. A beat that we heard maaaaaany times the last years. Lyrically isn't something impressive too. Also her vocals sound ...extremely weird, her voice sounds in some parts so pitchy as Britney's one, wtf. I didn't expected something that will make the difference by Mariah, but I wasn't expecting THIS too. A mediocre song, Lambs should be happy isn't the official single. Let's praise the fact that it took her 30 years to say the word 'fuck' in her songs. A rebellious phase.