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  1. a skinny vegan legend buy What Do You Think About the Car on iTunes
  2. He doesn't have an album out? Does his label hate him? Does he flop that badly?
  3. I will follow MDNAInMyRebelHeart and also give Katy a 65. One of the Boys was my favorite album back then. Teenage Dream wasnt the best album but it was THAT era, and PRISM had a few bops despite being so lackluster and confused visually and in the tour. The Witness era was entirely just genuinely difficult to watch. Throughout her career, its partially seemed like she has no idea what to do musically, visually and otherwise and that's peeked through a few times.
  4. I often get told I'm a skinny legend who deserves PM privileges and VIP I sometimes get told that I'm weird because I used to stan Melanie Martinez before she became a rapist
  5. Sarah didn't like change her lyrical style, its just that they're experimenting with their sound this year and I think thats fun You can buy their new EP, TOTEP, on iTunes.
  6. Katy's currently in her least commercially successful era and she makes dozens of tweets per day.
  7. @hammer the singer is Sarah Perry, and then Gus Lobban does drums, keyboard, bgv and Jamie Bulled does keyboards, electric guitar, bass A more fair comparison would be Poppy, considering Poppy.Computer is the worst kind of Bonito Generation rip-off the band is heading in a more experimental edgier rock direction now, which kinda gives me Mars Argo vibes, and I live for it.
  8. the music video is literally Chandelier in the hotel from the dance part of the Britney Overprotected Darkchild Remix video