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  1. I miss when this forum had great drama and wasn't filled with Trump supporters. So sad. Hope OP gets a psychological check.
  2. Hey @starlord, I'd like to sign up! Label name: Dark Sea Records Artist: Charli XCX
  3. TIL the site is ran by a Trump supporter. Yikes. That's really... tragic. Anyways, this is so sad, Alexa play "God is a woman".
  4. Hello. I am so sorry, but due to my unforeseen health issues, I'll have to cancel this game.
  5. Wig. I did say wig. I can't start right now, not everyone is online. Plus, I still need the Memory Wall pictures from the rest.
  6. It's official, ladies. We have gathered all the 18 players we needed! In case you haven't, please post your memory wall picture in this thread. Also, would you guys want to start the game earlier than the 22nd?
  7. You didn't, actually! You signed up right on time.
  8. We have 13 players out of 16 signed up so far... so I'll open 2 more sign up spots.
  9. I was thinking of starting everything at 8pm GMT (London time). But that's not settled officially yet.
  10. Post it in here, oops, forgot to mention. Yes, you can use anything for it!
  11. Who said I ever left, dahlings? On a side note, I'm shook at all these sign ups. Welcome ladies! Please don't forget to post the picture that will represent you in the Memory Wall!
  12. Hello fellow LGBTQ+ & non-LGBTQ+ people on this forum and welcome to the, apparently annual, edition of COP Big Brother! You might not, probably don't, know who I am so allow me to introduce my p(r)etty self and the history of this game! I am Moonlight and this game was one of the reasons for my short relevancy on this forum. Kicking off with a simulator-based edition when COP came back to life, COP Big Brother turned into an actual activity on this forum after yours truly thought of trying to make it happen in a more interactive way... and it worked, for a few days at least, until I had to give up on hosting. Thankfully, the good sis @Rumors came in right on time and replaced me in order to crown the wiener, I mean winner. (Here's a link to the S1 thread) Now, long story short, Miss Bitch right here is back and ready to revive the game a year after the first season. I am aware that there's been an attempt at second season by my fellow Rumors sister but that didn't work out for some reason. Obviously, due to the named event,I felt a bit doubtful about bringing this back but I decided to take the risk (that's a big word) and see if people are still /would be interested. So, here we are! As always, before the fun starts, there's gotta be a rules part to put y'all into a place! Jk. A bit. Here's a FAQin' Set Of Rules for you to read and enjoy. I tired to make it as sweet & short as possible, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! That was a long read, I know, I am sorry. But still, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! That's all for now, see you later I hope! PLAYERS: P.S.: I DON'T TAKE CREDIT FOR THIS IDEA, AS IT IS INSPIRED BY THE ORIGINAL BB SHOW. THE FORMAT IS JUST AN IDEA BROUGHT TO A FORUM. P.P.S.: PLEASE DON'T SIGN UP IF YOU DON'T THINK YOU CAN BE ACTIVE FOR 20 MINUTES IN HERE. LOVE, MOONLIGHT.
  13. hjrme22.jpg
    Sign-ups opening later today.

    EDIT: Here's a link to season 1 for those who are unfamiliar with this game. :jan1:

  14. Remember when Big Brother used to be a thing? Should we bring it back? :wendy11: