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  1. juicy j been in the game making hits when katy was still in grade school i-
  2. for being so “woke” your incessant body shaming of women comes off as misogynistic
  3. i’m sure you have heard them before centuries, my songs know what you did in the dark, sugar we’re going down, uma thurman, all of them are hits
  4. Then again MSI released an amazing album of 30 tracks (but it was only 55 minutes long anyway)
  5. why not just release two 15-track albums or even 3 10-track albums?
  6. lol right the gp let shape of you stay on the radio for over a year
  7. the started video is a masterpiece i-
  8. pop music is already the fast food of music so all pop stars
  9. just listened - but no song was better than busted