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  1. is a bop but neither rap nor came out this year?
  2. do you not have twitter? also thousands of schools sent out psa notices about her
  3. she went viral i-
  4. why are you streaming anything other than nicki's remix
  5. Ooh thank you! It's got some deep shit hidden in the layers
  6. @Blue Sunshine https://docs.google.com/document/d/1P7mm9Zy1ZOjySw2_tVGOgIZNcmGMQGeRvFbgWAcIfn8/edit?usp=sharing i wrote another story!
  7. Kream coulda smashed if it was Cardi B and Offset instead of Iggy and Tyga tbh
  8. i told you on twitter lol “full of S(ugar)H(oney)I(ce)T(ea)
  9. Sugar Honey Ice and Tea should've been the 'bad' categories cuz the song stands for shit lol
  10. y'all really let my single flop i-



  11. depending on the sound of the album, it could be rihanna biggest era yet. given the success of wild thoughts, it’s clear the gp still loves her (as opposed to other artists who become forgotten after long hiatuses)