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  1. i used to listen to it on repeat !
  2. venus - gaga? cupid's chokehold ?
  3. i mean it’s a club instead of a show tho but tbh nobody’s going to just sit down and watch calvin harris lol
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.billboard.com/amp/articles/news/dance/8096095/calvin-harris-hakkasan-group-residency-2020
  5. i mean it’s essentially a vegas residency when he’s performing the same venue every other week lmao
  6. shmeur

    Random Thoughts

    sis read my thread ksksksksk
  7. we have different tastes lol
  8. go listen to infinity on high and tell me you think it’s worse than their new stuff
  9. so you don't know fall out boy's music when they were actually good i-
  10. they had the bangers not you sleeping on fall out boy tho
  11. i mean it's better than tun and imagine but that wasn't that hard anyway
  12. follow your arrow - kacey musgraves
  13. which albums here do you stan