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  1. didn't you say you did watercolors
  2. I never heard Vision of Love before. And literally everybody has heard BOMT.
  3. not even her most iconic moment okay!
  4. How.... this is her best video I've seen... idgi you're a Sia stan so I know you appreciate a good video (I think Sia's videos > her songs tbh)
  5. The video is better than the song tbh. Some Escheresque dream fantasy type shit I stan
  6. Somebody make a gif of Ari taking her face off

  7. I wonder if GIAW is a Lou Bega cover probs not Sweetener sounds cute
  8. what are the other track titles i can't see cuz my screen is trash
  9. The song is meh to me (I only care for the "pickin' it up" part) but damn this cinematography is great. I love the visuals and the trippy MC Escher feel to it. Her best music video for sure. (also is that a tracklist during the face part)
  10. i gave examples it doesn't have to about taylor you know