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  1. tbh ive known him since 2013, i used to listen to his music like evryday lmao he was even in my top 3 artists on my last.fm back then. His voice isnt that bad, same with his music, but i doubt he will do good in music industry.
  2. Breathing is the only best non-single off the album aksjdkla the rest are just meh.
  3. ANYONE WHO HAS COME TO MY PARTY IN HIGH QUALITY, PLEASE DM ME THANK YOU! Here's how it sounds like in HQ https://dbr.ee/uuJY People keep giving me the ones in the Mega link, which is in MQ.
  4. No its not bad, everyone has their own type. i am myself have dated 2 feminine guys in the past, they're more loyal than the manly ones in my opinion.
  5. im gonna stop defending her from now on. i used to think Nicki is better bc she writes her own music kajsdklas and gets mad everytime someone is comparing her to Cardi bc i thought she was a better artist.
  6. I lost all my respect for this woman tbh! didnt know shes this problematic until i saw this thread asdjak
  7. The only thing similar to beyonce is her hair tbh
  8. Xtina Aguilera killed Stephen Hawking to overshadow her music being leaked. RIP
  9. Camila was young back then and people werent sensitive too about the word, but offset is old enough to understand and it happened in 2018.
  10. They nominated Pink and Alicia Keys but not Gaga? oh wow im pressed.