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  1. The only thing similar to beyonce is her hair tbh
  2. send me the link please i beg you omfg
  3. Xtina Aguilera killed Stephen Hawking to overshadow her music being leaked. RIP
  4. Camila was young back then and people werent sensitive too about the word, but offset is old enough to understand and it happened in 2018.
  5. They nominated Pink and Alicia Keys but not Gaga? oh wow im pressed.
  6. same tbh lmaoo but let the girl live
  7. She does sound awful, but after i read her apologize letter i feel bad now. At least she tried
  8. im a very overthinking person. I always think of cancer everytime something bad happen in my body omfg like 2 days ago my head hurts and I immediately concluded that i had brain cancer :mooshade:

    now that my teeth hurts and my throat dry asf, im thinking of mouth cancer tbh RIP

  9. My teeth hurts, my throat dry asf. Omfg whats this :(


    i dont wanna die u guys omggg!!

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    2. Blue Sunshine

      Blue Sunshine

      Could be strep throat or something similar. But no headache is a good sign bc that's usually one of the main symptoms. 

    3. LadyGagaIndo


      omfg yass doctor thanks :wendy24:

    4. Blue Sunshine

      Blue Sunshine

      LOL, my sister's a nurse with a whole brood of children so I get the rundown sometimes on what to look out for.

  10. Welcome sis! omg how old are u?
  11. as an uncreative person i feel attacked.
  12. This earth is a simulator being controlled by the aliens.

    And whomever in charge of my simulation is sure a flop bitch that doesnt know how to play sim, like at least creat-a-sim for my boyfriend.