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  1. lara's voice is well trained and maintained. i actually didn't know she had acid reflex, that's amazing that she's been able to take such good care of her voice! normani is good, she was underrated in 5h but lara would sing her out of any room
  2. crazy how she's getting paid a ridiculous amount of money in vegas just to lipsync.
  3. you chose bad pics of mariah but i'm still going to vote her
  4. the only thing they ever had to say about each other was that the sex was good and they got matching tattoos. too bad you can't build a long lasting marriage off of that. ariana will see that she dodged a massive bullet
  5. i feel kind of bad for her, she was actually doing well score wise. i guess her stans didn't vote hard enough
  6. i like kelly clarkson but... i don't know if hosting is for her ellen can be quite annoying and i feel like her persona is fake but she's a comedian and can carry a show. not sure if kelly has the chops tbh
  7. nigeria because my family's from there lol but then i think of the song by toto
  8. she's doing all of this while being a usc student and getting her degree we love beauty, talent, AND brains!
  9. just like other boy bands before them, they'll ride the popularity wave for a few years, die out, and be replaced with another boy band
  10. her vocals aren't everybody's cup of tea but she's definitely ranked high amongst her peers
  11. what's up with her hair though? reminds me of a carrot
  12. those Oh!GG teaser images though... whew! i'm ready