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  1. I wanna upload some sims pictures in the sims base but it's only allowing 1.37 mb pictures. rip :noah:

    1. Oh My Gaga

      Oh My Gaga

      Upload them to imgur first

  2. Yes it’s so much fun! Just beware that once u become famous, fans and paparazzi will be surrounding you unless u put on a disguise lol
  3. Okay I've been obsessed ever since the new Fame pack came out. My sim is currently a rising actress and is dating a 5 star celebrity (Here's her signing an autograph for Millie Bobby Brown nnn) My other sim is a beauty guru, but it's really hard to gain fame with the influencer path
  4. Wish me luck! I have to recite a poem by heart and I'm afraid I'm gonna blank out ;-;

  5. Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream
  6. Who did I put for this? @Dangerous Woman
  7. I'm waiting for all the results to be revealed so I can add them up
  8. 2 hours and 30 minutes away from release and she hasn't released a song title or the cover Make it make sense Edit: Also, Calvin hasn't said anything about the song like wtf?
  9. Does this come out at midnight tonight or during the day Monday?
  10. 54 (May you please re-calculate just to make sure I put all my right answers in? @Dangerous Woman) Total: 201
  11. I just knew Shane would try to make people sympathize with this rat It's working too b/c all my friends like him now
  12. Currently watching Big Mouth, STAR, and Riverdale only so I have something to talk to my friends about bc that’s all they talk about I also watch Family Guy sometimes