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  1. Oh wow.................... Oh wow................... We're gonna have to stan on this one
  2. All my sim was trying to do was go to the gym, but ended up doing a photoshoot for the paparazzi I- I also forgot she had to go to an award show and she ended up showing up the last hour of the show and smelling bad because she just worked out. Also no one watched her accept her award (except her bf) because she showed up so late Also I thought this picture was adorable
  3. I wanna upload some sims pictures in the sims base but it's only allowing 1.37 mb pictures. rip :noah:

    1. Oh My Gaga

      Oh My Gaga

      Upload them to imgur first

  4. Yes it’s so much fun! Just beware that once u become famous, fans and paparazzi will be surrounding you unless u put on a disguise lol
  5. Okay I've been obsessed ever since the new Fame pack came out. My sim is currently a rising actress and is dating a 5 star celebrity (Here's her signing an autograph for Millie Bobby Brown nnn) My other sim is a beauty guru, but it's really hard to gain fame with the influencer path
  6. Wish me luck! I have to recite a poem by heart and I'm afraid I'm gonna blank out ;-;

  7. Who did I put for this? @Dangerous Woman
  8. I'm waiting for all the results to be revealed so I can add them up
  9. 2 hours and 30 minutes away from release and she hasn't released a song title or the cover Make it make sense Edit: Also, Calvin hasn't said anything about the song like wtf?
  10. Does this come out at midnight tonight or during the day Monday?
  11. 54 (May you please re-calculate just to make sure I put all my right answers in? @Dangerous Woman) Total: 201