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  1. If this mod is what I think it is...I can finally make my popgirls in the sims
  2. love the tumblr community. I get most of my cc from there. I also look there for sim edits. The people who do them are so talented.
  3. If you're talking about Sims 3 Island Paradise, the content in the pack is really nice, but unless you have a beast computer, then it's basically unplayable b/c of lag. If you're talking about Sims 4 Island Living I think it's worth it if you like living in a tropical world. The world is probably the prettiest world in Sims 4. If you're into building there's plenty for you as well. Gameplay wise I wouldn't say it's the best, but the mermaids and dolphins are pretty cool tho there isn't much to do with them. Also the new careers are pretty interactive as well. Also there's quite a bit of activities your sims can take part in on the beach and at parties. Also the clothes and the hair are really cute.
  4. It's a main conversation on twitter rn This happens with every EP tho, people say it's gonna be the best EP and then after like 24 hours they hate it. At this point the only thing worth buying are the gamepacks. I'm gonna start playing with the pack tomorrow so i'll have to see for myself if it's as bad as a lot of people are saying
  5. Island Living came out 48 hours ago and well.......people are already bored. What the hell we gon do........
  6. Samee especially Realm of Magic. Hoping for witches
  7. this is back?

  8. She really needs to fire Sean It frustrates me that she refuses to fire him even though he is holding her back. Like how are you going to have a choreographer that recycles old 5H moves with your solo music? She needs to separate friends from her professional career. If she continues with Sean, he's just going to continue using recycled moves. ALSO i'm getting vibes that Keep Cool isn't a good label. I'm looking at the other artist they sign and they don't promote them AT ALL. They only put them on playlists that they create. I think the label is heavily relying on Normani to make them a profit.
  9. this is getting out of hand :katykbye:

  10. Announcement on June 8th at EA Play Get Ready Some people are suspecting they'll announce more than one thing. Expansion pack and Stuff Pack. Not really sure tho, but EP for sure is being announced My predictions were completely wrong sksk
  11. rip to an icon EDIT: The title makes it seem like they're moving to streaming only. However, they're just making a dedicated music app. iTunes features movies, music videos, music, etc. So they're stopping that and they're just going to make a music only app where you'll be able to purchase songs. However, iTunes will be gone so still, rip to an icon