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  1. James is gaining back his subs, Jeffree is gaining support again after that video and people are going to end up forgiving Tati and she gained 5 mil from all of this. So at the end of the day, this was all a pointless hoo ha and white, problematic, racist beauty gurus will remain at the top once again and deserving beauty gurus will once again go unnoticed. The end! Cheers everyone
  2. To sum it up for you... Jeffree takes the L. He doesn't show screenshots because he realized he's bigger than that and James essentially won this whole battle (unless Tati comes out with an even stronger video) However James is still cancelled in my book because he's a racist piece of shit, problematic and annoying af so I hope none of the celebrities that unfollowed him follow him back Also why do I feel like James got his lawyers involved because both Tati and Jeffree shut up real quick. Tati even deleted her video
  3. He's annoying and still problematic, next! Get ready for the season finale. As much as I dislike Jeffree, he's about to put the nail in the coffin Actually, to solve all of this. Why not everyone just unsub from James, Tati and Jeffree. Problem solved! Everyone's cancelled.
  4. Wow I really need to do some more traveling. I've only been to Indonesia for a summer back when I was a kid A goal of mine is def to travel more.
  6. Ally fans rejoice! I can hear the hit already Ally is coming to serve!
  7. Full article: http://tmz.com/2019/05/15/britney-spears-manager-larry-rudolph-perform-vegas-residency-conservatorship/
  8. SIMS FANS We have a leak Next expansion could be tropical paradise This makes sense due to it being close to summer plus we can get university during November when everyone is back in school. Source: https://simscommunity.info/2019/05/15/possible-leak-the-sims-4-tropical-paradise-could-the-next-expansion-pack/
  9. Expect an expansion pack announcement in the next coming weeks Likely dates: May 21 May 28 or June 4th I'm aiming for May 28 because June 4th is E3 and idk if TS4 is going to E3 Also I think the 28th because EA play is on June 8th so it'll give players time to process the trailer and other info. If The Sims 4 is going to E3 then I guess they could announce it on June 4th? idk All I know is that they're def announcing something before June 8th and I'm thinking it's going to be a University pack due to the high demand for that. Watch it be something no one asked for
  10. ALIEF

    Who will stop OTR?

    They're predicted to debut #2 I think
  11. OTR is 6x #1 on H100. OTR blocked Taylor, Shawn and will probably block Justin. Its streams are insane pulling in 100m streams every week W/O a music video. Imagine the streams and views once the music video drops and plus the song is still growing on radio Who will stop Nas Maraj? How many more weeks will it stay at #1? Will it beat Mariah's record?
  12. Full Clip: aww gay rat representation