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  1. I like Tati but I'm annoyed that she started this whole thing.
  2. Definitely @King or Queen @Craig and @Sempiternal
  3. I do hear some snaps starting at about 10 seconds. But it's hard to tell if she was the one snapping or not.
  4. The main reason people hate Beyoncé is because other people love Beyoncé
  5. i have not received any warnings for rule breaking
  6. i cannot PM anyone on the site, when will this restriction be lifted and why has it been established?
  7. submitted I just started listening to Taylor's older albums recently (never heard them previously) so this was good timing
  8. nice nickname :hehe:

    1. Joy Rider

      Joy Rider

      thanks love, join the movement :demilip:

  9. Well I've probably spoken to more of them than you since you're out here making these inaccurate prejudiced comments