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  1. Wop is a horrendous shithole sis never join 

  2. oh no! well i hope you can distance yourself from them. these people can be quite destructive, you never know what they are capable of. some have even gone on to become Dictators
  3. just came across this video, thought it was interesting. i think it's important to examine the people in our lives to make sure we aren't being taken advantage of. i will summarize the points in the video. Frequency - lying all the time Motivation - such as trying to salvage reputation, gain acceptance and support, etc. Convincing Manner - good "honest" language, creating a false sense of vulnerability Play on sympathy - bringing up emotional hardships, time and money sacrifices, playing up "positive" qualities such as loyalty, etc. "put yourself in my shoes" Momentary truths - these "truths" only serve for a moment, for example as flip flopping sides of beauty vlogger drama when the narrative fits their agenda Trophies - wanting to flaunt the success of your lies, for example with website traffic statistics Own Language - common phrases mean something else to the liar, for example "zero motive" may mean "bragging rights and ego boost" Denial & Minimization - when lies are discovered, they deny, shift the blame and/or focus, or claim you are imagining things/being politically brainwashed Addiction - addicted to deception, they do not stop lying and have no intentions on doing so, no matter how many times they've apologized Personality traits - manipulative, lack empathy, desire to dominate, irresponsible, narcissistic, remorseless, and charming (to some)
  4. MSL and Dweebz deeply wronged you? This ain’t gonna go nowhere if you refuse to take accountability.
  5. I didn’t know she could get any more embarrassing after twerking on Robin Thicke almost naked and singing about weed with glitter slime in her mouth but here we are.
  6. Thank God. Maybe she will make good music now and stop with these gimmicks. 1989 didn’t need gimmicks to appeal to the masses.
  7. Regardless, it's on her album and she's the original lead so it's not the same as calling Despacito a Justin Bieber song. It was made specifically to go on Daydream.
  8. She’s entitled to her opinion. Actually I think quite a lot of people, especially people her age, would agree with her. I don’t agree. I guess we will see in 10 years. edit: matter of fact, I bet Wendy will talk about this and agree with Dionne because she loves Dionne and also love shading Beyoncé