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  1. *Nicki voice* Mariahhhhhhh Rihanna Bey Dean Kelela Luna Ariana SHINee/Taemin Drake Panic!
  2. i hope not. but hopefully society has learned to not bully famous children. it really messed him up.
  3. i guess imma have to go lower some scores
  4. i still wouldn't call him a one-hit wonder, those artists agreed to collab with him and Hotel Room Service was kind of a hit too. but i think most people agree that he's not talented and most of his hits were hits because of the features.
  5. where your campaign? and where @Oh My Gaga runway
  6. you deaf, girl. it's clearly rihanna. maybe you meant S&M because THOSE nana's are Ester Deans.
  7. GIRL! The Oh Na Nas in the released track sound totally different, they are Rihanna's. She is just good-ish at imitating the demos she gets, that's why she sounds just like Sia on Diamonds, and just like SZA on Consideration. People leave demo vocals in songs all the time because it saves time and money, but they blend their vocals with the demo vocals, J.Lo just straight up left the demo vocals and didn't re-sing them.
  8. Y’all niggas be acting like half your friends and family members didn’t have or almost have an abortion once or twice
  9. me rushing to the awards hours after it started
  10. Auntie only got one more point than you, so it's not like her look was appreciated and yours wasn't. Michelle is the only one who scored Auntie higher than you. Kitty even gave you a 10 and last runway you got good scores and critiques too. Technically your runway was top three, but Lilith bumped you out with her mini challenge win. You're doing well, don't worry about the other players, as long as your keep getting good scores and critiques then you are good.
  11. okay... well here in America now that all sexualities can get married, i think we should focus on transgender rights and education and fighting against discrimination and abuse of transgenders.
  12. Thank you. I was concerned any of my trans brothers or sisters might feel unwelcome here. No one should have to feel unwelcome or have their identity used as a drag. Let’s just all treat people with respect.