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  1. LMFAO that would be a stupid reason. If you look at my posts i left waaaaay before even the COP Awards was announced.
  2. Bad Guy Thank u, next It-s just not fair Break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored I can't get enough
  3. I'm sad to see that those fuckers got to you, hope you'll come back on strong, stay safe and positive Indie. Congrats to my bitch @Oh My Gaga , you deserve this position the most from all the members. Make us proud boo!
  4. People are doing her so dirty, i am disgusted. She is too good for us. Hope she's not gonna give up.
  5. Like someone said, her fans are annoying, not her. Not all the fans tho. Most of them... but not all...
  6. can't you guys stay on topic and just talk about the subject? Always bringing other artists that are not even mentioned in the thread just because you wanna drag/go for the artist they like. Mess.
  7. Stop acting like she's getting put on a cross. All the other girls that you mentioned are made fun of or receive more hate. Don't try and make Bey look like a martire, press sucks her up all the time and people praise her. This thread is stupid!
  8. Every single pop artist that does good, someone always feels like they use payola. Sometimes POP artists WIN. Get over it. i still think 7 rings is trash tho.
  9. if we go this way Demi is 1% african too. This post is just not it and i don't see the point of it. ------------------------ It's a good time song and i am here for it when i party!
  10. Honey i am the same way, even now with this guy that i am, i still feel sometimes i need my alone time, when i tell/told people i like being single they are saying that i'm joking and that no one enjoys being alone... wtf? How? I can have fun all by myself. I'm not getting bored with myself, lol. Buuuuuuuuut now that i find this guy i really like and love i am happy (not that i was not happy before) maybe now i am even more happy because he is crazy and sarcastic like me. I found him once i stopped looking, it happened so out of nowhere and i am still surprised that after 3 years i am in a relationship, i said i was done, but life always delivers surprises. You just need to find the right person and he will understand and love you the way you are, he won't be upset when you would say that you wanna be alone, or have some fun without him (partying, going out for drinks etc).