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  1. This mans is going for pure absurdist humor in an attempt to troll everybody. I AM HERE FOR IT.
  2. Surprisingly great, and considering that VIEWS showed Drake concern-trolling his exes, this is a good step forward for the guy. Probably the best song he's put out since 2015.
  3. voidcritic


    tinashe's best songs from each project: IN CASE WE DIE: Crossing the Cosmo REVERIE: Stargazing BLACK WATER: Vulnerable (because I think Travi$ Scott's guest verse might be my favorite guest rap verse) AQUARIUS: Feels Like Vegas AMETHYST: Dreams Are Real NIGHTRIDE: Sunburn JOYRIDE (SO FAR): Faded Love, I can't imagine anything topping that
  4. voidcritic


    that's only the 2nd best song from Reverie Stargazing still exists
  5. Ye and Kdot are the only two artists that I've given multiple 10/10s to so why is No More Parties in LA only regular great instead of amazing?
  6. 58/100 Call Out My Name is great but the rest is pretty forgettable. The big issue with this EP is that it's simply too underwritten, and lyrics have been strong points for both Beauty Behind the Madness and Starboy.
  7. The song's nowhere near close to the level of No Drama or Faded Love but it's still good 7/10
  8. 42/100 Definitely some highlights ("Good For You" & "Same Old Love" are some of her best songs to date) but the project feels mediocre overall, and when some tracks call back to Stars Dance the whole song goes to shit.
  9. It's simple: a lot of songs tend to have a decrease on the charts as the YouTube stats drop. Pop radio is doing well, and the reason it's falling is because it's getting outdone by other songs gaining ground (unfortunately, examples of them include "SAD!" by XXXTENTACLEMAN and "Freaky Friday" by Lil Dicky and Chris Brown).
  10. Selena Gomez entirely because of the absolute garbagefest that was Stars Dance, one of the worst albums I've ever had the misfortune of listening to. 0/10.
  11. My biggest issue with Nicki was always the "bitches is my sons" thing she had going on - she was practically telling the industry to keep out other female MCs. Then Bodak Yellow blew up out of nowhere, which toppled Nicki's plan considering BY outpeaked Nicki's whole career.
  12. Never Be The Same - 16 She Loves Control - 23 Something’s Gotta Give - 56 In The Dark - 31 Into It - 35