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  1. Why a whore? Because she comfortable with her sexuality? That is slut shaming! And you’re the one crying coming in my post and defending a flop who uses homophobic slurs. Sad!
  2. Feminazi? LMAO Cher, Lady Gaga & Kylie Minogue are f**king legends that did so much for the LGBTQ community. Including fighting microagression Jade likes to spread and y’all like to defend so much ?. Don’t ever compare those icons with her lol. She doesn’t have the range and the intelligence.
  3. Jade, well in her 20s and bragging about being such an allie for the LGBTQ comm. is a joke. Its just a way to gain points to look more “woke” when she’s part of the problem Kylie never sold herself as a woke entrepreneur. She’s ignorant and scams imbecile. I don’t admire her, but she did what she had to do!
  4. You’re part of the problem then. With the use of internet, there’s no excuse if you’re an artist who travels frequently. F*g is a derogatory word. She’s an ignorant fake supporter
  5. When you have nothing to say so you just change the subject? lmao Kylie is ignorant. She’s a smart scammer, but also extremely ignorant. At least she can use the excuse of being young. Little Mix are on their way to their 30s and act more ignorant and immature than teenagers and Kylie don’t brag about being socially aware. She owns her ignorance. Jade wants to be perceived as a LGBTQ supporter but freely uses the f-word.
  6. sis, f*g is a derogatory term that Jade used. Never say never! A lot of allies pretend to be down with the LGBTQ culture, but don’t want to learn sh*t from it and therefore don’t respect it. You can stay mad tho ?
  7. I compare the fact that both words can only be used by certain people. If you understand that the n-word shouldn’t be used by non black people, you should also understand that the f-word shouldn’t be used by straight people. Those are the type of microagressions that y’all let pass because you like the person who says it
  8. Jade is your usual straight girl who fetishizes gay culture, but uses homophobic slurs because she don’t think it’s a big deal, and that’s the tea! If you want to excuse casual homophobia, go for it but that’s on you girlie. microagrasseion is real on then LGBTQ community and as a real impact
  9. It’s not “fake offended” when I always had a very strong opinion about it. Her using it so freely on social media is a good indication, but go awf! lmao and I never defended Dinah for her ignorance. Good if you drag her, she should learn
  10. This is comparable (but not the same thing) as people using the n-word in a “non derogatory” way no. if you’re not black, don’t use the n-word. done, debate over
  11. straight girls usually called themselves just “hag” if you’re straight, don’t use the f-word, as simple as that
  12. Caitlyn is a Trump supporter piece of sh*t. I would disown her too if she was part of my family. No need of this negative kind of views in my life. And Kylie made an empire scamming all those rich white kids, selling those low quality products at exorbitant prices. An inspiration!
  13. Also, the person who she called a cunt regularly called a bitch and harassed her friends, family online. If you provoke people, prepare to be insulted.
  14. Y’all are embarrassing excusing the usage of homophobic slurs for the sake of defending your fave. She knew what she meant