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    Well she has 3 songs that are semi talked about if that's what you mean. She also has: (Probably missing a song or two) Sweet but Psycho Let It Be Me (collab w/ David Guetta. Released on '7') Into My Arms (collab w/ someone unknown) Clap Your Hands (collab w/ someone) Anyone But You Salt My Way Not Your Barbie Girl Satellite No Angel (Snippet only, however.) Blood, Sweat & Tears Make Up (collab w/ Jason & someone else) Slippin' (ft. Gashi) Jet Set Take Away The Pain Spinning Around Then two songs were just leaked: More Than Words Can Say & I Need You. Both are from 2008, and unreleased obviously.
  2. Alien - 31 Perfume - 31 It Should Be Easy - 17 Tik Tik Boom - 11 Till It’s Gone - 20 Passenger - 20 Don’t Cry - 12 Brightest Morning Star - 20 Hold On Tight - 18 Now That I Found You - 16 Perfume(The Dreaming Mix) - 13
  3. I'm going to have to agree with Indie about this. It's horrible
  4. Looks like jokes can't be taken on COP