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  1. She can't write well, produce, dance, or anything. Welp
  2. Madonna's instagram story got people pressed, the RELEVANCE that she has
  3. Literally nobody cares about him and they haven't since like 2011
  4. Since there are literally NO other songs released in 2018 that are better, I have wondered why I have slept on Meghan for so long. Does anyone else think so? Meghan is really the artist of our generation, and has longevity and talent unlike others
  5. TD is dull outside the singles (which are like half the album do slay anyway) but TFM is just great track after great track.
  6. She needs to take better photos like the ones from 2017 to early this year mess Not a bad look but it looks so dull
  7. Nothing I removed my reactions it was an accident I swear