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  1. I hate how some people think that when you're against obesity you're "FaT SHAMING!!!11111!!!!" Being obese is basically you killing yourself. Being against it and pushing people to eat healthier and do exercise is what NEEDS to be done. If the person doesn't agree, then it's basically a slow ride to a heart attack and eventual death.

    1. junguwu


      I agree to an extent. However, you can't push people to do things they don't want to do; nor do you know the reason why they're obese in the first place. I'm that way due to unhealthy coping habits for mental health issues at the time. I coped by binge eating which I am working hard now to get rid of. At its peek, it was severe enough for me to have developed an eating disorder. 

      Basically, they are the only ones that can change themselves for the better. If they are willing to do this, then by all means help them. If they don't want to, then leave them be. That's their choice.

    2. aahfeekiee


      I agree with @junguwu it's a much more nuanced issue than just "fat people are lazy and incompetent and don't care about life" There's all sorts of complications that can result in people becoming overweight/obese. Also nobody's encouraging people to gain weight and be fat, the idea is to just give people the space to love themselves in spite of the fatness that society despises. 

      It's interesting how people are so vocal against obesity "because we believe in health!!1!" while paying dust to other more avoidable illnesses. We don't tell alcoholics to just stop drinking nearly to the same extent we tell fat people to eat better and work out (even though alcohol causes way more social harm and has a death toll equivalent to obesity & diabetes) because alcoholics' bodies aren't a visual pollution to society worth dehumanizing. That's literally it.