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  2. if God has any mercy on us sinful humans, then Latin music will die and take its unoriginal generic butt out of the industry for 5 years.
  3. The Wow video isn't available in my country so Avril's!
  4. Taste! I'm good at Science, I got a 91% on my last test.
  5. Did you read my post? I adored it, I just thought it was bad. (yes that does make sense, I can enjoy things that are ironically bad, also I absolutely adore everything Avril puts out so)
  6. Are u sure u're a stan? HAW is missing. And yes I am a stan I love everything about her, all of her albums are amazing to me, she's a sweet helpful human being that's also talented and can craft beautiful bodies of work. She's just THAT amazing whew other FLOPS WISH.
  7. I'm a bit scared that this is going to happen, I hope it doesn't.
  8. Under God's Bible > Let God > The Worst Damn Trash > Goodbye Career > Career Below The Earth's Crater > Dumbvril Trashvigne: A Flop is Born
  9. nnn that was my least favorite. Nnn I adored the album but it was bad, very bad. She deserved my lashings, she needs to see this thread and LEARN HOW TO MAKE GOOD MUSIC.
  10. The other girls @ Avril: I'm gold, I'm platinum, don't you know I'm outta your league? Step back, your time is up, sit down, I'm takin' the lead
  11. Disappointing, miserable, underwhelming TRASH. No semblance of structure, corny, boring-ass songs that belong in 2011. HAW is Corny and GENERIC AF. BIRDIE is cute, 2nd best song on the album, I like it tbh but it's not anything special. IFILWTD and TMIO are both boring and skips. Dumb Blonde is amazing tbh. it SLAPS. It Was in Me is another boring skip with the same platitudes, I would say her vocals are good but they're just screamy. Souvenir is too generic, the production is laughable and sounds like a girl that just entered the music market and doesn't know what to do to be successful. Crush is just... boring, literally nothing special, nothing that made her old ballads special. Goddess is laughable, generic lyrics about being a strong girl and her boyfriend dying for her or whatever but it doesn't even have that special magic that makes Dumb Blonde so good. Bigger Wow is cute, it's generic but not horrible. Love Me Insane is stupid, I ERUPTED IN LAUGHTER WHEN I FIRST LISTENED TO IT. IS AVRIL REALLY THAT OUT OF IDEAS I- Warrior is a horrible close, a generic boring ballad with the same themes that have been repeated over-and-over-again on both the album and music history overall. SHE'S OVER, OVER. She lost that magic that made her the top of the 2000's, she's just a random nobody who makes boring ballads these days, and that makes me sad cause Oldvril was so amazing.