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  1. I’m sorry this happened @Oh My Gaga. You were a good admin. I really hope that the right person will take over.
  2. About the drama and toxicity since we’re still talking about it: This place is extremely toxic right now, and constantly checking up on here is definitely an unhealthy habit of mine. But there are so many good people that I’ve met and great discussions about pop music that I’ve had that outweigh these low points. From my experience on the site, toxicity comes and goes. Sometimes the site is calm and not much is happening besides some music discussion. Other times, like now, the most toxic users are causing tons of drama. Luckily, there are also certain times where there’s an influx of new members, who are generally nice people, and I feel like the toxic people will either eventually learn their lesson or leave. I perfectly understand why people are wanting to leave right now, but I think the best thing for the forum is for drama-free COPers to focus on posting quality content about music and maybe even create fun events (games, megarates, etc.). We should be able to talk about music without drama (besides typical stan arguments about which artist is better/more successful).
  3. It’s her family that’s more problematic. Dinah herself isn’t. And why are you praising Marn’s racism but attacking Dinah?!
  4. I listened to HIAB!! This and Fix It are both BOPPPPSS!! And PMB is good, too. We stan!
  5. Yes! That was m favorite snippet!
  6. Remixes. The kind where the production is different, not where a feature is added (those I don’t mind). They’re worse than the original 99% of the time!!
  7. You shouldn't have to answer questions that make you uncomfortable.
  8. She hasn’t really left, but she’s not been that active.
  9. I just want to clarify something. I never saw MSL's original thread, and I didn't realize that Marnie said the n and f word in her tweets, and I don't condone that at ALL! However, I still believe that MSL and others are just out for looking for drama, even if they did wind up exposing a racist. But if Marnie truly has learned from her mistake in the years since these tweets, than I would like her to come back and we can go on with our lives as normal.
  10. We haven't even heard the single yet. I'm curious.