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  1. Camila: Late 2018- Camila performs at the VMAs, and she wins two awards out of her five nominations. She then pushes Into It as the final single off of CAMILA, and it goes on to become an even bigger hit than Havana, staying at #1 on the H100 for 5 weeks. 2019- A deluxe version of CAMILA is released with three new songs (not singles), one of which cracks the Top 20 and becomes a minor hit. She then starts the CC2 era during the summer and releases the album by the end of the year. It becomes her Teenage Dream era. 2021- CC3 is released, and it spawns a couple major hits, although not as successful as CC2. 2024- CC4 is released after a bit of a break between eras. The album is highly anticipated, solidifying Camila’s status as a main pop girl. This era goes on to have 3 #1 hits, outperforming CC3. 2026- CC5 is released, and it becomes her least successful era to date. It spawns one big hit, peaking at #2, and one minor hit, not even reaching the Top 20. 2028- CC6 is released, and it manages to outmatch the success of CC2. This era has 8 #1s and becomes one of the most successful eras of all time.
  2. Normani: Late 2018- Love Lies has become a Top 20 hit in the U.S., and the N1 lead is even bigger, peaking at #2. N1 is released, and it does very well on the BB200. 2020- N2 is released, and it does moderately well, not as good as N1. It spawns a couple Top 10 hits, the biggest one peaking at #3. 2022- N3 is released and becomes her biggest era to date. It is a pop culture phenomenon. All of the singles go Top 5, with most going to #1. 2024- N4 is released and is very successful, but nowhere near N3. This era manages to spawn a couple hits, including a #1. 2026- N5 is released, and it has about the same level of success as N4. Normani is now considered an icon in the music industry. 2028- N6 is released, and all of the singles go at least Top 20, with two of them reaching #1. I may do this again for my other faves in separate posts.