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  1. I'm predicting 180k-200k, Anything above that is honestly just being delusional considering the current urban climate we're in.
  2. nnn @ an ariana stan saying this when literally all of her songs are about getting d!cked down OT: Music not the bling!
  3. Not when it has her worst song a.k.a The Light Is Tanking.
  4. Ultraviolence would've been a 10/10 album if it wasn't for Pretty When You Flop & The Other Skip.
  5. Would've been a 16 week number one smasHA if it was the lead single.
  6. Will the 'Rich Sex' hit-maker be able to outsell the Queen of Rap with two number 1 singles in the span of less than a year? Cardi's Invasion of Privacy debuted with 255,176 total album equivalent units. Discuss
  7. This is definitely shaping up to be a huge hit. Once radio catches on, it's over for all these basic new girlies.
  8. Hello gorls..Kinda just got into Lana but from what I've heard so far West Coast and Shades Of Cool definitely seem to be her best songs.