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  1. oh sis the racial microaggressions from cory...this man must be banned
  2. sIS I don't like katy either we can agree there at least
  3. Calling someone a disgusting whore when his fav sucked dick to get signed LOL
  4. Please ban Khris, he's underage and shouldn't be exposed to this type of behavior.
  5. You stan the autotone scarecrow and the 70s jazz lounge singer that still can't get a hit after 10 years of trying, log off
  6. Sweetie you stan a whale that fluctuates her weight more than Kelly Clarkson. I'm a skinny legend
  7. Girl dont even pay attention to these rats the SJWS will believe what they want to believe. Nevermind that Dr Luke produced some of their favorite songs!
  8. 2 shit albums not worth arguing over. gET IT TOGETHER
  9. I didn't make fun of anyone. I don't believe her story...that's my decision.