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  1. Sorry. It got deleted by SoundCloud. It is a low quality snippet and a slight difference to the instrumental. However, the vocals.
  2. Now before y’all come for me because “I keep posting bullsh*t!”, I am very sorry… for you (J/K!). I wanted to ask if this is a legit demo (?) I don’t think this is gonna be my last to post in the Music Base section with these types of topics. At least I’m leaking… at least. I labelled it as “(FAKE DEMO)” but I haven’t know yet if it’s fake or not.
  3. For me, Avril, Katy, Demi and Ariana are the ones I wanna listen all day or probably my whole life. It is, however, hard to listen to albums from artists who just releases trash (not gonna mention).
  4. Hello, fellow KatyCats! I am going to leak to you an unreleased demo for Britney that we all know. But this one’s the untagged high quality version! To prevent me from being kicked out, PM me if you wanna have the link.
  5. Good for you! Hopefully it’ll be better than one’s real name which is a bit revealing. Hope to expect the change?
  6. Time of Our Lives - Miley Cyrus
  7. Mine’s thought to be a Smiler (though I am one), but it’s my real first name. Idk, my dad must be drunk when he named me after a video game antagonist. But I digress. I see some other using words ironically making fun of their fave(s) like calling them names and using that as their name [i.e.: Titty Perry (but I think this is a bad example)].
  8. This made me think Call Me Maybe lip-synced by artists/famous people when it was up on the radio, was a payola too.
  9. Thanks! Well, at least now I know and still included Legend. Sorry if I missed you. But anyways, I wanted the full demo of this!
  10. Before clicking and only reading the title, I thought you are talking about your sexuality. No joke. But to be honest, I am also tired of seeing racial and blasphemous stuff to be going on in any community.