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  1. Look, just because there are holes in Heller's story, doesn't mean that Melanie's fans are "garbage" or "delusional ". Think about it, this stuff just doesn't add up. Melanie admitted to having sex with Timothy, but she didn't admit to sexually assaulting her. Her statement clearly read "She never said no to what we CHOSE to do together. The picture of Melanie that Timothy gave to the Media was a picture of Melanie in handcuffs and she was blindfolded, which obviously indicated that they were playing some kind of sexual game. That picture does not match the one Melanie post on Instagram that same day. Her hair was longer and she was wearing i different sweater. Her Instagram post also captioned "Goin back home to LA with dis weave and cookie on my head".. Melanie was on tour and she was going back home to LA. Timothy said that the pressuring went on for two days during a sleepover, but the sexual assault took place on June 25, 2015, so that means that she's saying that she was with Melanie on the 24th AND 25th, when Melanie clearly wasn't in the same state at Timothy. This girl is also known to have some type of "mental illness", check out her youtube channel. I'm sure they had some type of sexual contact that Timothy consented to AT ONE POINT.. Plus, Melanie made her statement before Timothy released the date of the assault. Also, there is a video that was posted on June 24,2015 of melanie at Webster Hall in New York. All i'm saying is to look deeper. Timothy's story is inconsistent.