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    Oh, that's true. Their growing popularity is organic, not everyone has that.
  2. toxic.mp3


    I'm happy with the success they've had so far, but we all know that in a perfect world they would have more than 10 songs by now We have the James Corden appearance this week, right? Perched to see them on TV
  3. if it's not filled with bops like Delicate then she can keep it
  4. @Winter Bird I liked Flash, the video is gorgeous too. The whole Cosmic Explorer album was cute, haven't really heard Future Pop but I hope it's cute. Thanks for the E-girls recommendations tho, EG-ENERGY and Show Time are my faves from them.
  5. @Winter Bird the TASTE you have omg Does anyone have any faves by Tokyo Girls Style? I like predawn so far but most of their songs aren't sticking with me. Also, Perfume is performing at Coachella today, but it's not being live-streamed.
  6. Don't Know What To Do>>>>the rest I know it sounds dated but I love it, the beat makes me feel like I'm getting slapped. Still waiting for that full album tho
  7. these legends are about to release their new album, I'm gluing my wig to my scalp as I type this
  8. yeah, this movie is like almost 10 years late oh, and I watched the RLM review of this and it sounded awful
  9. omg yes we Lisa OT: poor Nicki is having a breakdown over Queef, she really lost
  10. is ratmila still being shoved down everyone's throats?
  11. I thought that little song with Khalid was his next single? or was it ignored and forgotten like nearly everything he releases?