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  1. Talent to me is mostly vocals and what the gp see so Ariana. Rihannas singles discography is flawless tho. (Nothing to do with topoc but dont want navy to kill me ?)
  2. Been off COP for a while but this track is so good. Best Ariana song so far imo. ?
  3. Heyy it has been a long time! Churchofpop seems to be reallly slow on my phone. How are you?
  4. Hey guys whats your prediction for this songs sales and success in the us and other countries? I think this could go double plat in the uk and reach top 15 on year end chart. I see this going top 10 in the us tbh with a triple platinum certification. Hoping for another top 10 in aus(my country) and nz. The song has so much potential. Im delusional but this song better have 10m ww sales in a year from now on.
  5. Hey guys is there a thread for solo
  6. The main reason its the 4th album is because people start transitioning to a different way to chart music.E.g physical to digital copies or digital to the streaming era. If a huge artist releases 4 albums in the same era then i doubt theyd flop as much. I mean look at mariah carey and britney.
  7. Actually i dont live in the us so i can't say since taylor is far more local. They are probably even in the us
  8. I voted Britney based on impact. Whenever someone says oops i did it again they immediately think of Britney even today, taylor not so much. I feel like taylors huge sales mostly come from her fanbase whereas a lot of britneys came from the gp. Taylors doing great on the charts tho.
  9. Camilla? Demi? Dua? Even selena is doing ok lol.
  10. Camilla? Demi? Dua? Even selena is doing ok lol.
  11. Lol why would flopping stop an artist from releasing music? Im sure she already knew it would flop. Daily reminder that twice would have been a huge song if it was released by sam smith or something.
  12. Hated it when i first heard it. Sounded like a troll song or a demo:( i dedinitely like it more tho. Her worst lead single tho. But i do genuinely believe this is a buzz single to build hype.
  13. Oh wow never would have guessed:o Ot: dirrty by xtina
  14. The fact that cfts alone wasnt a top 3 hit means the confident era was underrated :')