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  1. I mean her target audience isnt necessarily spotify users which is carrying songs. Sucks that she underperformed
  2. Zhavia

    Her vocals are pretty good, definitely wasnt the best but she definitely was the only true artist up there. Id love to see how far she could go if signed and promoted.
  3. Thats true although its still a thing in europe. How did the song do there?
  4. In no means am i trying to hate on gaga but the song was such a bop and im curious. The song deserved top 10 imo. I dont think people are over her and the song has a sound the gp would love.
  5. I lowkey want to troll you and just keep reversing the changes you make
  6. Hobbies?

    Never knew there were so many other artists/gamers on here
  7. Hobbies?

    I sent this but didnt quote you apparently lol. I love them It sucks because i mostly sketch i cant colour :<
  8. Hobbies?

    Id like to think i can draw but i lack so much confidence
  9. Hobbies?

    Omg they are amazinng
  10. Hobbies?

    Same, Weab sounds so offensive whereas I'm fine with Otaku because that's true
  11. Hobbies?

    I feel the same about my art They can judge I don't care
  12. Hobbies?

    My bad I meant more Otaku, Still just as bad though I don't produce music but i've always wanted to, everything else you said is literally my favourite thing/hobby