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  1. she looks good yes mawma
  2. both are leaked. poor girlie cant catch a break
  3. Here's the snippets. It's leaked from a LEGAL streaming service so no need to delete. http://fizy.com/album/--/focus-no-angel/300038319545/--/sarkilar/karisik?encodedId=MTkwMjk1NTk5MjU2
  4. New double single confirmed by Turkish streaming site Fizy (snippets & artwork). Artwork: According to a SOPHIE updates account the double single will be available June 29th, but it's not confirmed.
  5. tarnishing my name with that username
  6. finally took my test so ill be back on again! wig

  7. sorry about being gone! been busy studying for a test

  8. the beautiful ones on butterfly (it's a good cover just too long it gets boring) popular song, put ur hearts up moonlight...who let charli collab with that soundcloud rapper tbh i dont think i can name a lana song i dont like but if i had to choose probably guns & roses