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  1. The screaming parts sound like a police siren. I CAN NOT!
  2. Kesha - Emotional

    Where are our Japanese sisters?
  3. Lol Pedophilia is a disorder. Pedophilia is a fetish for young children, yes thats what it is. And thats not right in the head, thats why its a disorder. But ACTING upon those urges is a crime. Its both, but to say its not a crime is stupid af.
  4. Katy's Worst Album?

    Oh please, if you say anything other than Witness check your ears
  5. Is Madonna over?

    She's done, and theres nothing bad about that. Her prime is over but still doing well enough. I only like one Madonna song lol
  6. Kesha Albums from Best to Worst?

    I think its safe to say all the Kesha albums are good and none of them were pure shit Rainbow = Animal Warrior Cannibal
  7. Thoughts on albums that have too many features?

    I LIVE for it! Plus the good thing about Eminem's album is that it has 19 tracks so the number of features balanced it out. PLUS pop + rap has been a formula people have been using for the past couple years.
  8. Stan Badges | Requests Thread

    @Unbeyleivable all done, and it seems like you made it to 20! Mind doing the same for Bridgit Mendler? @Trainwreck
  9. Wolves is outselling TMYLM. Surprised ?

    Im sorry, I dont see TMYLM doing better than Wolves. I could be wrong, but I mean...
  10. Eminem's #Revival album tops USA iTunes

    You didnt listen to the album huh