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  1. the hypocrisy. ariana's sex life is none of yours
  2. !!! add me @ porcelainbird
  3. that fear fever - letlive. makedamnsure - taking back sunday night changes - one direction something else - good charlotte the settlement - issues bad luck - the story so far round and round - imagine dragons running shoes - troye sivan cubicles - my chemical romance sanctify - years & years
  4. never. never have i ever cheated on someone
  5. washing dishes. touching wet food makes me physically sick.
  6. i thought you were talking about people who are snakes im fkjdfhg
  7. i commented on how much of an idiot he is in another thread. guess you missed that
  8. knew it was her for about two weeks! masked singer is really great for playing along and guessing - so far we've gotten 3 out of the revealed right.
  9. not particularly. there are some people on ig with millions of followers that don't really have any relevancy outside of social media. being 'famous' on instagram isn't going to keep anyone relevant in the real world, especially if charts/sales don't add up
  10. i really don't know. apparently we're in the era of stanning people who can't sing aka halsey and i hate it.