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  1. they do insanely well in the uk, but they only came out for like 2 shows - they sold out p fast though.
  2. spice girls lmao when i was like 3. i had everything spice girls everywhere. then it was busted, i hate me.
  3. if i know anything from clubbing in the uk, the people love a number 1 that they can scream the lyrics to in a club with a mass of random strangers. that's why the number 1's in the uk are usually pop bops rather than rappers who all sound the same.
  4. what kanye did in response to this is incredibly manipulative behaviour. mental health is no joke and a lot of the time he uses his own as a tool to make his fans attack others like drake or ariana. it's not okay. he needs actual professional help and he isn't going to find that berating people like ariana for NOTHING on social media.
  5. most likely! she'll be surrounded by soft boxes and diffusers, depending on the settings used it can soften features too.
  6. it always was, careful now that hairy old man is gonna put you on his naughty list indie.
  7. i believe they're actually giving him a break this season and focusing on billy instead. rumours he has powers seem p strong.
  8. i can't believe you got this triggered over a JOKE. ya played yourself.